, PRESS RELEASE: RelicStone Vol. 1, The Indie Comix Dispatch

RelicStone is a comic book series that takes place in a fantasy/sci-fi world of Polistar. In this world, there exists a magic energy called Relic. Relic is captured and harnessed in specific types of stones, called RelicStones. This story follows the main character Vail Heart, as she learns bits and pieces about her grim past, all while trying to combat a growing evil that has resurfaced. Vail decides to travel across the land in hopes to find her mother before a man known as Dreven ends her life in hopes of saving the world. Throughout her journey, she’ll unearth truths about her family, the country she lives in, and why she’s able to connect so deeply with Relic magic. 

The second book is currently in production and a Kickstarter for the first book is planned.

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