The lone survivor of a decimated tribal nation battles anger and grief as he integrates into western society with his dinosaur companion. 

Synopsis: For years, Nil served as the liaison to SYSTEM (a UN organization tasked with studying his isolated culture) until Ailo, Nil’s uncle and the island’s shaman-king, carried out a brutal attack against his own subjects to “punish” them for accepting the influence of these outsiders. Only Nil, and his dinosaur companion “Ante,” survived the massacre. Seeing him as their last connection to a lost society, SYSTEM relocated Nil in America under their own protection. 

Nil now grinds through each day as a modern student, struggling to control his emotions as he’s tested by bullies, teachers, and SYSTEM itself. A schoolyard scuffle brings into question whether or not Ante should be allowed to remain with Nil, but only this childhood companion can protect him from Ailo, who escapes from captivity to finish what he started. 

Audience: This comic is geared towards the teen and young adult audience and deals heavily with themes such as abuse, depression, and alienation. It contains violence and some minor language. No nudity. 

Issue: 1 of 4 
Author: Aaron Sullivan 
Artist: Tadd Galusha 
Colorist: Mikael Hankonen 
Letterer: DC Hopkins 
Project URL:
Twitter: @Sully_Writes