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Millimages and Ox Eye Media expand MOLANG into board games, comics


Millimages and Ox Eye Media expand MOLANG into board games, comics

Ox Eye Media has partnered with French animation studio Millimages to expand the popular character MOLANG into a series of comic books, board games and puzzles in 2022.

“We at Ox Eye Media are very excited to be working with MOLANG. MOLANG and Piu Piu’s message is one that we’re very passionate about. We hope to add to that message as well as make it interactive with our games, puzzles and graphic novels,” says Ox Eye Media President Jacob Way.

Originally created as an online emoticon in 2010 by South Korean illustrator Hye-Ji Yoon, a chance encounter between Hye-Ji and Millimages resulted in a MOLANG animated television series. The series became an overnight hit, broadcasted in over 190 territories.

“We at Millimages are extremely proud to be a part of the new business lines of

Ox Eye Media who are extremely creative and present in all of the major comic book conventions. Thanks to our agent, Licensing Works!®, and our many partners in the U.S., MOLANG is going to spread its incredible message of kindness and acceptance throughout the nation,” says Millimages Director General Marina Narishkin.

Radiating kawaii cuteness, MOLANG is all about friendship, spreading love, happiness and positivity. MOLANG has no nationality, is ageless and gender-neutral, and values taking care of the planet. Now, MOLANG’s universal language of good vibes will be felt in comics, games and puzzles.

“MOLANG is an all-ages IP that we’re all thrilled to be working with. Expanding our all-ages lineup at Source Point Press with MOLANG manhwa graphic novels is a dream come true,” says Ox Eye Media Art Director Josh Werner.

Ox Eye Media is an American entertainment company founded in 2019 by the merging of Deep Water Games, Source Point Press and N3 Art. Deep Water Games is a Midwest publisher and distributor of board games and board game accessories such as Fantastic Factories, MonsDRAWsity and more. Source Point Press is the publisher of books, comics and graphic novels such as Felix the Cat and Monstrous. N3 Art is an artists first publisher of gaming accessories.

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