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Love is Dead! Steve Urena’s Zombie Date Night GOES LIVE ON KICKSTARTER JUNE 15th, 2021


Love is Dead! Steve Urena’s Zombie Date Night GOES LIVE ON KICKSTARTER JUNE 15th, 2021

Coming this summer, feast your eyes on Zombie Date Night, a 32-page comic book that tells the story of:

Boy matches with girl. 

Girl meets up with boy for a first date. 

Boy and girl face a ZOMBIE INVASION! 

From the messed-up brain of Steve Urena, the guy who brought you fast killer sloths, (Slow Pokes) comes a romance horror-comedy that is full of zombies, romance and even a grandmother fighting a horde with a chancleta. 

Drawn by Sergi Domènech, colored by Joe Jensen and edited by Allegra Calderaro, this unforgettable reimagining of the zombie genre is a hilarious action-packed thrill ride that will sink its teeth into you while leaving you on the edge of your seat. 

“I want to give my take on a zombie story while doing something a little different than what people are used to”, says Urena.

“We’ve all been on awkward first dates. But what if you were trying to put your best foot forward and a zombie outbreak happened? What would you do? Zombie Date Night helps me answer that question in the craziest and most fun way possible.”

If you like Zombies, over-the-top-violence, and a love story for the current age then…


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