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Legacy Comix Funded On Kickstarter in Less Than Five Hours!


Legacy Comix Funded On Kickstarter in Less Than Five Hours!

In less than five hours, our readers have become the real superheroes!

Legacy Comix has been successfully funded on Kickstarter!

“We had high expectations, but this exceeds all of our wildest dreams,” Legacy Comix Editor-In-Chief Patrick Hickey said. “We want to be a fan-first company and our fans just proved they are along for the ride. This is just the beginning.”

Legacy Comix is the brainchild of former NBC Editor, The Minds Behind the Games author and Condrey Creator Patrick Hickey Jr. and Comic Book Artist/Writer and Podcaster John Svedese. In an effort to tell new and engaging stories, Legacy Comix was founded, with the intention of giving writers and artists the control over their IPs they deserve.

Designed to give writers and artists the highest royalty rates possible for their work and free them of the shackles of pay-per-page or lukewarm salary constraints, Legacy Comix’s intention is to give writers and artists an opportunity to grow together, rather than apart.

Launching with four ashcan comics, AthosThe Job, KROOM and The Legend of The Night Owl and featuring the first full-24-page issue of indie comic hit, Condrey, Legacy Comix is ready to share explosive noir and sci-fi superhero tales to the masses.

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