Independent comic creator, Jamal Dabney, launches a Kickstarter campaign for “Black Bow,” about a man defeated by the crime and corruption of his hometown who transforms into an arbiter of justice and a symbol of hope for not only his city but for the world at large.

The graphic novel jumps immediately into its provocative, heart-pounding story when the president of the United States is exposed as a sleeper agent of the KKK who was put into office in order to bring in a new era of white supremacy. Even after the exposure, and the president’s assassination, tensions between the citizens and government of America remain at an all-time high.

“Black Bow” is more than a vigilante superhero story. The story has a contemporary resonance. The hero faces the ugly truths of the country, such as racism and police brutality, but must see the bigger picture and overcome it all and save the oppressed and underprivileged, as well as the world at large.

“Black Bow” is an outlet for Dabney to examine race relations and interactions with protestors, people of color and the topic of police brutality in the inner city.

5-page First Look