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Irish Writer, Peter Harte, Releases BaLor #2 on Kickstarter


Irish Writer, Peter Harte, Releases BaLor #2 on Kickstarter

The sequel to modern mythology superhero mystery (Yeah its a mouthful) is live now on Kickstarter 

Writer Peter Harte continues to take readers on a superhero origin journey with a nice irish twist 

Artist Amii Muir returns with her unique art style to bring the characters and the mythology to life 

Colourist Grace K and Letterer Paul Carroll will also be going the team for this issue.

Balor issue 2 picks up right where issue 1 left off.

The mysterious Acalica is being held captive by the shady SCMP who want the whereabouts of “Cullan”, and they’re not asking nicely

In the meantime our hero Sean James searches for answers on the SCMP patch he found amongst the carnage of a drug shipment gone wrong 

He suspects the involvement of another powered person, but he can’t be sure 

When he goes to shakedown the local dealers in search of answers (and his brothers killer), he was ignorant to the ambush materialising around him. The SCMP had found him! 

Balor is a comic about a young man gifted the powers of Balor of The Evil Eye from Irish mythology 

With his new found powers he finally feels that he can avenge his brothers murder at the hands of the biggest drug Lord in Ireland, Don O’Donnell!

As he hunts down his target he is met with more questions than answers…

Who are The SCMP?

Have others been gifted mythical powers too?

Where is the Don?

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