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INTERVIEW: Robert Jeffrey II


INTERVIEW: Robert Jeffrey II

Thank you so much for agreeing to an interview! Tell everyone about who you are and your background?

Not a problem, and thanks for the opportunity. My name’s Robert Jeffrey II, and I’m a professional writer with over 18 years of experience in journalism, comic book writing, prose fiction, tabletop game writing, and video game writing. I’ve worked for clients such as DC Comics, 133Art, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), SUBSUME Media, RAE Comics, New Agenda Publishing, MV Media, and many other businesses.

I’m a graduate of the 2017 DC Comics New Talent Writers Workshop. My published work (“Where There’s A Will” featuring the Green Lantern John Stewart) for the “DC Comics New Talent Showcase #2018” #1 anthology was nominated for two Glyph Comics Awards (Best Writer/ Fan Award for Best Work). I received a 2021 Glyph Comics Award in the Best Story category for my work on the “Changa & the Jade Obelisk” comic book series. I am a video game writer for the Australian game developer Blowfish Studios. I’m currently working with Blowfish Studios on their game, Phantom Galaxies.

Tell us about your projects!

Right now I’ve got books in the works with publishers such as 133Art Publishing, SUBSUME Media, and RAE Comics. These series include Afrofuturist time travel adventures (RET:CON), intergalactic space operas (Soul Nebula), and a young adult magical fantasy adventure (unannounced RAE Comics series). The pages coming in for all of the projects look beautiful, and I think folks are going to enjoy the stories that we’re telling.

We’re running a Kickstarter for some of my work with 133Art Publishing, including the Afrofuturist time travel series RET: CON, and a few new entries in the superheroic epic One Nation saga. You can pledge to get a Seasons worth of these comics, along with other 133Art offerings, here:

What is the hardest part of creating for you?

Self-doubt. I’ve learned to deal with it through personal work and counseling. But yeah, self-doubt at the beginning of my creative process can sometimes trip me up.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from a fellow creator?

Keep writing. Pace yourself as much as you can. Take time to breathe and chill. We all know life can often prevent us from doing what we love. Life can be crappy that way. But at the end of the day, you have to keep writing to continue to grow in your craft and not turn stagnant.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give a new creator?

Be able to take constructive criticism and learn from it. But definitely understand what hate and vitriol are versus a decent helping of helpful advice. Seek out individuals who will give you actual honest feedback to grow from.

Who else in the indie comic industry should people be following?

Brian Lambert, Jason Reeves, Takeia Marie, Dedren Snead, TJ Sterling, Sean Damien Hill, Matteo Illuminati, Loris Ravina, Marco Lopez, Arianna Pisani, Greg Anderson Elysee, Milton Davis, Malachi Bailey, Gene Selassie, Pao Xyo, and a crap ton of other folks who I’m drawing a blank on, or don’t have enough space to list their names lol

How and where can people support your work?

Checkout 133Art’s campaign – HERE

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