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INTERVIEW: Jonathan Hedrick – The Recount: Preamble…. A Tale “For The Masses”


INTERVIEW: Jonathan Hedrick – The Recount: Preamble…. A Tale “For The Masses”

In November, 2020 Jonathan Hedrick shocked the world when he gave us “The Recount”. This was a story that resembled a mashup of “24” and “The Purge” that gave us one exciting twist after another.

Recently there was an announcement that Mr. Hedrick was giving us even more content with the upcoming release of “The Recount: Preamble”. I had the opportunity to reach out to Mr. Hedrick and ask him a few questions about the forthcoming title.

Quentin Rushing (QR): How long after the events of the Recount does this take place?

Jonathan Hedrick (JR): It takes place BEFORE the events of the first volume. Starts in 1963 and leads up to the present.

QR: The Recount seemed to have one surprise after another as we went along. Can we expect more of the same?

JH: I think it will have more “ah ha” moments than surprises.

QR: If we’re going back to 1963, is it safe to assume we’re going to have references to JFK’s assassination?

JH: JFK’s assassination plays a small part of it.

QR: Is the entire creative team getting back together for this one?

JH: No. The new artist is Rubén Gil, new colors is Lorenzo Palombo, new letterer is Joel Rodriguez. The original team was busy with other projects including my other book QUICKSAND.

QR: Is this a one shot or will we be getting several issues?

JH: The Recount: Preamble is a 36 page one shot.

QR: This promises to be an exciting story. When can we expect it to hit shelves in our local comic book stores?

JH: It should be soliciting soon for a May 2022 on sale date.

QR: Congratulations on your continuing success. I look forward to seeing more of your projects in the future!

JH: Thank you so much! I appreciate the opportunity to discuss them.

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