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GlobalComix Releases All-New Digital Reader with Improved Crowdfunding Integrations For Creators


GlobalComix Releases All-New Digital Reader with Improved Crowdfunding Integrations For Creators

We believe that when you read a digital comic book, it should feel good no matter the device that you’re using. It should capture that same experience as if you had the comic right there in your hands, flipping from page to page while engrossed in an incredible story. We’ve taken a hard look at our default and vertical reader and decided that it was time not just for an update, but a complete overhaul — rebuilding it entirely from scratch. 

Now, if the comic creator doesn’t have interactive framing, you’ll jump right into our new vertical reader. It’s designed for a smooth reading experience, with accurate and snappy zoom so you can dig into wherever your eye takes you.

Chris Carter, GlobalComix CEO

GlobalComix today announced a completely new digital reader that was rebuilt from the ground up with three goals in mind: performance, intuitiveness, and mobile gesture support. The new reader also improves the vertical reading experience — especially on mobile devices — and introduces new features to give users more information about the comic they’re viewing within the reading experience.

Here is a breakdown of the updates:

  • General reading experience: the vertical layout has been completely rewritten, including support for browser-native pan-zoom-pinch
  • Improved reader settings: an option to always use the vertical reader layout, and customization options for image spacing and header display
  • Comic info panel: a new “series info” pane that lists all the meta-data for the comic and all the available releases for easy back-and-forth navigation
  • Crowdfunder integration: comics that have a crowdfunding campaign active now display the details at the top of the reader
  • Footer credits & suggested comics: credits to the creator/publisher, as well as suggestions for other comics the user might like, are displayed at the bottom of the comic

Crowdfunder Integration:

At ICD, we know that a lot of creators will be excited to hear about the improved Crowdfunding integration for creators who list on the app! Here’s what CEO Chris Carter has to say about the crowdfunding improvements:

Creators have been able to display a banner about active crowdfunding campaigns on their profile pages for a long time, and it’s been possible to browse and discover comics through crowdfunding filters. Today we have added a deeper integration where creators can let readers know about their campaigns directly in the reading experience.

Clicking the “Back Project” button will take the reader to the crowdfunding project in a new tab. Be sure to support your favorite creators!

Check out more about the new digital reader directly from GlobalComix –

Preview the Digital Reader:

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