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GlobalComix: Free Preview of The New Amsterdam Game


GlobalComix: Free Preview of The New Amsterdam Game

In British-occupied New York City, a mysterious vigilante strikes back in the name of independence!

From creator Paul Axel, The New Amsterdam Game is a proposed series of one-shot comics about the mysterious Gooseberry, a masked vigilante bedeviling British troops in Revolutionary New York City. A sword-swinging, action-packed story, The New Amsterdam Game follows in the steps of Zorro, The Princess Bride, and The Count of Monte Cristo

“Gooseberry’s Midnight Ride” is designed to act as an introduction to the key characters and setting of The New Amsterdam Game. Every New Amsterdam Game story can be read separately or as one saga – no complicated backstories, no convoluted storylines. Just pick up, and enjoy!

As of this article, The New Amsterdam Game is currently funding on Kickstarter with a goal of $4,500. Paul Axel and GlobalComix are teaming up to provide a free 5-page preview of The New Amsterdam Game before you decide to back the Kickstarter.

5-page Preview:
Support the Kickstarter:

The Team

The New Amsterdam Game: Gooseberry’s Midnight Ride is brought to you by:

  •  Paul Axel (@pjaxel17)(story & writing): A civics teacher in the Chicago area, Paul’s been writing short and long-form comics since 2013, including Rotten Roots and Happiness is a Warm Bun.
  •  Jimmy Kucaj (@jimmykucajart) (line artist & colorist): Jimmy Kucaj (pronounced kootz-eye) is a comic book artist and illustrator from Indiana whose work can also be found on the cover of the Off Into the Sunset anthology. When he isn’t drawing, Jimmy enjoys playing guitar and rock climbing.
  •  Linda Scott Campbell (@lscottcampbell) (color assistance): Linda is a comic book colorist who loves adding color to the world. She loves living the West Coast life on Vancouver Island, Canada with her family and crazy golden retriever.
  •  Sam Watson (@SamRoseWatson) (writing): Sam is a Designer/Illustrator/Writer based in the South Bend area.
  •  Justin Birch (@JustinBirch)(lettering): Justin bolds words good
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