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GlobalComix and Valiant Entertainment Announce Licensing Partnership


GlobalComix and Valiant Entertainment Announce Licensing Partnership

GlobalComix is excited to announce a licensing partnership with Valiant Entertainment! In this collaboration, both companies share the value and commitment to digital comics accessibility, engaged readership, and the exciting opportunity to bring the iconic characters of the Valiant Universe to as many readers as possible!

Valiant Entertainment is the largest independent shared universe in existence today with over 30+ years of iconic storytelling across comics, film, video games the metaverse and so much more. They have sold over 90+ million issues sold worldwide earning countless celebrated industry awards. Valiant’s recent sold-out entry into the community-first Web3 project shows a commitment to digital accessibility and the importance of bringing the iconic storytelling to new audiences everywhere. 

GlobalComix is a digital comics platform and community with a mission to connect fans with a wide variety of different creators and publishers worldwide, enabling them to create and cultivate their fan communities and following online in organic ways that integrates directly with the books and stories themselves.

Since the beginning of 2022, the GlobalComix digital library has grown to over 12.5k published books, with more than 110 publishers and over 1k creators publishing content, with over 4,000 books and over 160k pages uploaded since June 2022.

“Since its foundation in 1989, Valiant Entertainment’s deep character development and rich storytelling have been hallmarks of the Valiant Universe,” said Christopher Carter, CEO & Founder of GlobalComix. “It’s that attention and care that has made Valiant Entertainment one of the most successful publishers in the history of comics. We are honored to partner with them to bring the Valiant Universe to comics fans around the world through GlobalComix.”

Valiant Entertainment values new opportunities for innovative digital accessibility to bring the many beloved Valiant characters to new fans everywhere,” said a spokesperson for Valiant Entertainment. “We are excited to bring our digital library to the GlobalComix platform, giving readers all over the world the chance to explore the iconic storytelling of the Valiant Universe and discover their newest obsession.”

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