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Glamorella’s Daughter Flies into Comic Shops Nationwide This July


Glamorella’s Daughter Flies into Comic Shops Nationwide This July

Oklahoma City, OKGlamorella’s Daughter is an all-ages comic that tells the story of Comet, the neurodiverse daughter of Earth’s greatest defender. Comet yearns for a quiet existence with towers of books while her mom, Glamorella, savors the thrill of adventure and glitzy soirées that come with superheroics. While Glamorella navigates keeping the world safe and dealing with her super-scientist ex, Comet does her best to withstand the trials of middle school. Can they find the time and common ground to help each other and save the world? Find out this July, when Glamorella’s Daughter #1 will be flying into a comic shop near you.

Creators Jerry Bennett (Story/Illustration) and Charles J. Martin (Script/Lettering), in conjunction with Sensitivity Editor Brandy Williams, explore the shifting dynamics between working parents and their growing children in Glamorella’s Daughter, with the heart and inclusivity of Ms. Marvel and Young Sheldon’s focus on the challenges of being a brilliant and inquisitive child. A preview of the first issue received enthusiastic support from AutismOklahoma and families with children on the spectrum. 

The first issue of Glamorella’s Daughter hits comic shop shelves July 7, 2021. Be sure to let your local comic shop know that the deadline to request Glamorella’s Daughter #1 for delivery on the release date is May 27, 2021 (PREVIEWS Item Code: MAY211550). The comic will be followed by three other issues for a four-issue season one.

Creator of breakout comic Heathen, Natasha Alterici, calls Glamorella’s Daughter “a delightful mother-daughter superhero tale, epic in scope, but perfectly grounded. Jerry, Charles, and Brandy are a dynamite team who together have created a story with pitch perfect comedic timing, and a glut of charm and heart.”

The comic will be published by Literati Press Comics & Novels, a creators’ publishing company proudly located in Oklahoma City’s Paseo Arts District that offers mentorship, support, and representation for dynamic and unique new voices. Literati Press prides itself in advocating for promising projects that are captivating and commercially viable; advancing Oklahoma storytelling; and printing locally and offsetting the carbon footprint of its comics to help mitigate climate change. For further information visit

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