From Eisner & Shuster-nominated writer/editor Jack Briglio (DC’s LegionArchieDominion Jack) and Markosia Press, Flip is a comics anthology of alternate reality stories and flipped worlds, real-world what-ifs going against convention, and speculative fiction that examines our world and turns it on its head. Volume Two is available now, with the following stories (and more!):

  • Frankenpuppy: A monster tries to make his daughter a puppy, something forbidden by a creator long since raised into legend and religion. By Derek Künsken and Trevor Markwart.
  • BuddyKar: Experience a flipped virtual reality adventure where life catches up to you quickly … when you try to escape it! By Mike Heneghan, David Brame and Ian Sharman.
  • TrueBalance: Discover a world with a justifiable method to punish bullies. By Brandon Crilly, Scott Drummond, and Ian Sharman.
  • Dying Alive: Discover a world long populated by death … and still searching for life. By Jack Briglio, Miguel Jorge, Jacky FilipeandIan Sharman.
  • Red Giant: Is the approaching apocalypse real? Will anyone believe you, even if you have proof? The fine line between dystopias and utopias. By Josh Stafford and Paulo Montes. 
  • Monkey Business: Born old, die young. A chronicle of the lives of three Italian amicos from old age to childhood. By Jack Briglio, Hugh Rookwood and Brenda Weeks.
  • Next: Waiting in line can be frustrating, but it’s always worth it for the next big thing! By Jack Briglio and Devin Taylor.

Flip: Volume 2 is available now through major retailers such as Bookshop, Barnes and Noble, Comixology and Amazon. More details can be found at the Markosia website: