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CAMPAIGN CORNER: Infinity Agents 1-3


CAMPAIGN CORNER: Infinity Agents 1-3

Tell everybody a bit about Infinity Agents, give us the elevator pitch!

Infinity Agents is an ongoing, galaxy-spanning epic that has a humble beginning on Earth where we meet three human agents of the Infinite Borders Security Agency. This is important because even as the series begins to jump from planet to planet and introduce an ever-expanding cast of aliens, robots, super-powered beings, mecha, cosmic kaiju, and lifeforms beyond description, it remains at heart a story of those three humans coming to grips with incredible tragedy and mind boggling discoveries.

What is your creative process like?

Like most creators, I have a countless number of characters living in my brain. Some of them have come to life in my various writings, others are still stuck in line waiting for their turn in the limelight. When I first imagined the concept of the Infinity Agents, it suddenly occurred to me that I could bring in a multitude of those restless creations to become part of this new “Infinityverse.” So keeping in mind this large cast of characters, along with their individual backstories, I crafted a timeline of story development and a primary underlying plot. I felt so prepared after finishing that, I sat down and wrote the first 4 issues practically nonstop over 3 days. As I continue to plot subsequent issues, I rely on the timeline to guide me in adding subplots as well as character introductions and development. Then I write the next script and send it off to the art team, before doing final revisions after comparing the finished pages against the script.

What is your favorite reward item for this campaign?

That’s hard to say because there are so many rewards comprising a variety of bundles, plus bonus rewards that were added as Stretch Goals. But the coolest thing is probably the new Infinity Agents theme song that was written and performed by George O’Connor and is included in most reward bundles!

What else can you tell us about your campaign?

This Kickstarter campaign is focused on the third issue, but all previous issues are also available for new readers. The first two issues introduced the main characters and laid a lot of groundwork, but the third issue has an absolutely shocking turn of events that changes everything about the series going forward. I really can’t say anything more specific than that and keep this spoiler free. Those who’ve read the first two issues are about to witness a dramatic change of direction.

Another major development is that the original artist was unable to continue with the series. At first I was devastated, but I honestly believe now that anybody who reads this issue will be blown away by the new art team! I proudly boast that the work of illustrator Lorenzo Tammetta and colorist Dijjo Lima is as good as anything on store shelves.

What does this story mean to you, not just as a creator, but to you personally?

Some of my favorite stories and titles throughout my lifelong love of comics involved galaxy-spanning space operas. I miss those series so much that I decided to make a new one. And one of the biggest influences on this series—and on me as a creator—is the legendary Jack Kirby, whose incomparable world building and masterful storytelling has given me so much joy for so many years. You’ll see some obvious inspiration from his creations like the Fantastic Four, Challengers of the Unknown, the Eternals, and especially the New Gods. You’ll also see inspiration from other unforgettable science fiction adventure comics like Doom Patrol, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Mar-Vell. It makes me so damn happy that I’ve found so many other fans of these types of stories that will support my attempt at writing one.

What does the next year look like for you in comics?

I can’t think about next year right now because 2021 is going to be incredibly busy for Ovation Comics! Right after this Kickstarter campaign ends, I’ll be launching a new one for issue #3 of Masque, my cyberpunk conspiracy thriller with an incredible new art team! Before the year ends I’ll be launching additional campaigns featuring issue #2 of Bird with Stick, issue #2 of Battle Royale Planet, and possibly the debut of Thistleheart.

Awesome John! Well, thanks for the interview! For those who want to support Infinity Agents 1-3 click here

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