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Boom Bandits


Boom Bandits

The outlaw comic for the outlaw generation! 

Boom Bandits is a self-contained cyberpunk tale. It’s Boomers vs Millennials. 

“In Scarcity, you can’t trust anyone over the age of 40. For Pixie and Freydank, life expectancy is low and regularly disrupted by immortal elders from neighbouring Methuseland. When a small act of mischief forces them to flee their home, they discover a forgotten relic that – if unleashed – will smash the status quo and cause potential anarchy between the two cities.” 

Boom Bandits comes from the desire to create pop culture that doesn’t delve into nostalgia and reflects the struggles of younger generations. 

Boom Bandits is out now and available in print and digitally on Amazon and from Bruno’s website. You can download the first five pages for FREE from Bruno’s website. 

About the Writer/Artist: 

Bruno Stahl was born in the summer of 1982. A bloody millennial if you want to go full Boomer about it. After a period working for Image Comics and Heavy Metal Magazine, he released his cult series the Hans. The series has been praised by legendary comic book creators such as Glenn Farby and Richard Corben. 

In 2020 Bruno co-created Jurassic Punx with Pat Mills (creator of 2000AD) for the bestselling sci-fi anthology Spacewarp. Jurassic Punx is street fighters versus dinosaurs sets against 70s Liverpool. Spacewarp has been shaking up traditional publishing with a creator-owned model to support artists and British comics. 

Cover Colourist: Felipe Sobreiro (Heavy Metal Magazine, Image Comics, Marvel, DC, IDW, Boom Studios) Executive Editor: Odette Schofield 

Published: April 2021 
Ages 13 + 
Page Count: 36 Pages 

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