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Virtuous Con 2024: A Celebration of Black Innovation in Speculative Fiction and Comics


Virtuous Con 2024: A Celebration of Black Innovation in Speculative Fiction and Comics

Virtuous Con 2024, slated for February 23-25, presents an exciting opportunity for fans of speculative fiction and comic culture, especially those interested in the contributions of Black creators to these genres. This year, the convention, which is in its fourth year, emphasizes the theme “The Future Is Ours.” This theme is a celebration of Black creators’ role as innovators who transcend and elevate global perspectives.

The event is virtual, broadening accessibility and allowing participation from a diverse international audience. It’s not just about passive attendance; participants get an All-Access Pass to virtual panels and an interactive vendor floor show. The hours for these are from 11-7 pm ET on Saturday and 11-5 pm ET on Sunday. There is also a Pre-Show Celebration on Friday, February 23rd, featuring giveaways, a game show, and mini-panels, which serves as an exciting preview to the main event.

One of the highlights of Virtuous Con is its lineup of special guests. This year features award-winning authors and producers like Tananarive Due, known for “The Reformatory” and “Horror Noire”; Victor LaValle, the mind behind “The Changeling” and “Lone Women”; and L.L. McKinney, recognized for works like “Nubia: Real One” and “A Blade So Black”.

The convention’s focus on indie creators from every medium of speculative fiction makes it a unique platform for discovering and celebrating new talents and voices in the genre. The early bird ticket pricing at $18 is an attractive offer for those looking to experience this rich confluence of creativity and discussion around the future of speculative fiction as shaped by Black creators. This event promises to be a significant gathering for fans, creators, and anyone interested in the evolving landscape of speculative fiction and comic culture.

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