10 award categories and sub-awards for minority voices define the first-ever sequential art award for emerging talent 

Ontario, Canada – The Steelkilt Media Festival, an international, competitive event for comic book writers and creators, will open submissions on April 15. Steelkilt is a launchpad for unknown and unpublished comic book writers to gain exposure and reach their professional goals in the media industry. 

Steelkilt brings diverse artists and audiences together to celebrate sequential art and all things comic-related. We are a platform for unfiltered expression and unadulterated vision. We celebrate both emerging talent and established voices. Our mission: to discover hidden gems, promote fresh work and create a space for individuality and freedom of expression in the world of comics and graphic novels. The yearly festival is a lovingly curated explosion of personalities, crafted to provide an intimate journey of learning and discovery for all involved through interactive workshops, interviews, and discussions. 

The Steelkilt Festival is open to comic book writers and creators from all over the world. Participants are selected through a competitive process with awards in 10 categories. Submissions may only be made anonymously through FilmFreeway. The festival will take place online in November. The complete Festival schedule will be announced in October.

In its inaugural year, the Steelkilt Media Festival invites both professionals and amateurs to submit unpublished work in comics, art, animation, and sculpture.  

10 awards in 2 tiers (professional and amateur)

  • Best one page comic script
  • Best single-issue script
  • Best graphic novel script
  • Best comic book trailer
  • Best motion comic
  • Best one-page comic
  • Best short comic
  • Best comic book pitch
  • Best action figure
  • Best statue 

8 sub-awards

  • Best minority voice
  • Best indigenous voice
  • Best female talent
  • Best LGBTQ+ work
  • Best black-and-white comics
  • Best environmentally-themed work
  • Best disability-themed work
  • Best solo creator