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The Last Hunt of Greylock: A Blend of Modernity, Magic, and Morality


The Last Hunt of Greylock: A Blend of Modernity, Magic, and Morality

In the chaotic blend of high fantasy and gritty reality, the creators Eli Shockey, Atagun Ilhan, Francesca Cittarelli, and Justin Birch bring us “The Greylock,” a tale that delves into the paradoxes of survival, power, and morality. At the center of this vivid world stands Greylock, an outlaw mage walking the fine line between the mystical and the mundane.

High-Stakes Magic

In a world where orcs, elves, and mages scramble to survive—pitted against each other by the almighty dollar—Greylock faces his most challenging mission yet: capturing the last remaining Mindwitch. This mage, born with precognitive and telepathic abilities, is the ultimate prize in a magical hunt that promises a king’s ransom to the one who succeeds. But this isn’t a simple quest; Greylock must outwit mercenaries, wand-wielders, and killers—each hungry for the same bounty.

A World You Wouldn’t Want to Leave—But Maybe Should

Jarred Lujan describes the setting as one “Harry Potter wouldn’t hang out in when the sun goes down.” It is unapologetically dark, and yet irresistibly compelling. Lujan calls the story “extremely, and unapologetically, badass.” The world’s mysticism is not just a pretty tapestry; it serves as a grim mirror, reflecting the characters’ innermost fears and ambitions.

A Spectacle of Honesty and Grit

David Hazan likens “The Greylock” to “a modern-day high fantasy world that has all the bombast and spectacle of Bright paired with honesty and grit.” Indeed, Shockey and Ilhan have crafted a narrative that doesn’t shy away from the complexities of its characters or the world they inhabit. They bring a raw energy to high fantasy, stripping it of cliché and reinvigorating it with an authenticity rarely seen in the genre.

Intersectional Themes

The narrative serves as more than an adrenaline-fueled chase; it’s a societal critique. Morgan Hampton praises the creators for being “truly in their magical bag” as they explore themes at the intersection of racism and classism. “Greylock is like Blade Runner meets Dungeons & Dragons,” Hampton says, alluding to the story’s intricate layering of fantastical elements in a semi-futuristic setting. This exploration serves to add depth to the visceral, action-packed story, allowing for a multi-dimensional experience.


“The Greylock” promises not just magical duels and mythical beasts, but a searing examination of power, survival, and morality. It’s a high-stakes game where the rules are as fluid as the spells slung in battle. Whether you’re in it for the thrill, the world-building, or the societal critique, this tale of one mage’s quest for absolution has something for everyone. Sign up for the hunt; you won’t want to miss what comes next.

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