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A look into Modern Day Heroism from the View Point of Creators. What do modern Day heroes look/sound & act like? Find out in HEROIX!

Welcome to The CONTINUUM’s Second issue as it hits KICKSTARTER with a SUPERHERO LANDING and it is out to EXPLORE HEROiX.

The Continuum brings together various universes from a vast array of creators whose desire is to create quality books and connect with fans. The goal of Continuum Comix is to develop the biggest catalog of collected stories from indee creators throughout the comic industry.

Issue 2 Features the origin of 8-Ball in The HARDCORE CHRONICLES In Harm’s Way Part One, an Angel from Sadhill takes a STAND as we see this angels origin, A young woman who GLOWS BLUE has to decide what her future is as she tries to run from the past while playing hero its  A BLUE XMAS, A HERO Takes on an Afterschool Job and gets more than he bargained for LEGACY OF THE VIEW,  and Mister Rob AnderSiN is Back with a New Tale about Reluctant HERO who would rather be Wrestling: HEROING by The HOUR!!

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Brett has been collecting comics for close to 30 years and is passionate about showcasing the amazing stories in Indie Comics and growing the indie community. A marketing and communications professional with a Masters of Nonprofit Management, he founded The Indie Comix Dispatch in 2020. Brett is also a member of the National Writers Union.

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