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Skull Dust Press Launches Mars City Vice #2 on Indiegogo


Skull Dust Press Launches Mars City Vice #2 on Indiegogo

Craig E. Sawyer, co-creator and writer of Mars City Vice recently sent ICD this write-up about their current project. Be sure to read to the end for a special offer for Dispatch readers!

From Skull Dust Press:

Mars City Vice (now on Indiegogo) invokes shows like Miami Vice and 80’s sci-fi films, like Total Recall, Life Force, etc. The color palette for this series is super important. We wanted a book that looked bright and exciting, but the story dark and psychological. Imagine if Phillip K. Dick wrote an action 80’s TV series. The colorist ‘Jammin’ James G. Brown (IDW’s GI-Joe) uses aqua, white, and pastels brilliantly to bring the fake 1980’s Miami to life and give it a strong stylized identity. Our interior artist Deivid ‘Dynomite’ Deon and cover artist for issue #2 Netho ‘Bodacious’ Diaz kicks butt, along with inker Sandro ‘Radical’ Ribeiro and Ed ‘The Duke’ Dukeshire on letters.

It will tackle the big philosophical questions of – what is reality, and are we inherently good or evil? The book is not without humor and explosions, and our protagonists will have to learn to use 80’s tech and weapons, while some of their enemies do not. I created and wrote this series with Chris Webb to break into the business, and it kinda just took off. We have a lot of stories to tell in this world that can easily go behind the first five issues. Next up for me is my take on the classic monsters The Mummy, Dracula etc, but with a modern and fun twist. “The Forbidden Museum of Henry Harker” will be drawn by Luke Archey (The Rifleman comic, Kubert school grad) and written by me, which will be on Kickstarter in a few months. Follow me on Insta and Twitter @csawyerwriter to stay in the know.

Mars City Vice:

Mars circa 2089, humans live and play alongside various extraterrestrial races. Several planets in our solar system have been colonized for many years. The Moon has sprawling slums, while Mars has become a popular and exclusive theme park based on a super stylized version of 80’s Miami – a synthetic world of cloned flamingos, neon and fast cars. Two unlikely police detectives, a human Maxwell ‘Moony’ Boone and his new alien partner Tykar ‘Ty’ Baths try and overcome their differences, as they work undercover in this fake 1980’s Miami investigating a mysterious kingpin, who is threatening to corrupt the solar system with a new drug made from a rare alien blood.

Currently on Indiegogo:

We are offering the readers of this article a free printed copy of Mars City Vice issue #1 with every ‘back’ of a printed issue #2. This offer will run for one week after this article is released. Just put Dispatch by your name when checking out on Indiegogo. Thanks for your support!

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