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Miserably Altered 1-2 Launches of Kickstarter


Miserably Altered 1-2 Launches of Kickstarter

Miserably Altered 1-2 
Written and edited by Angelina Roman-Ochoa 
Art by Brahim Bensehoul 

Miserably Altered is a story set in a dark fantasy world where a sick girl named Misery must escape a home full of deadly creatures & evil experiments in order to heal her failing body. It’s set in the world of Eldritch, an ominous world full of sinister creatures and environments. This story will deal with themes such as survival, inner darkness, and hope. 

Misery must escape her captors and make it to the outside world where she can discover who and what she is. All she wants is to live. But in order to do so, she must discover how to survive the cruel world around her. 

Miserably Altered #1 was successfully funded by amazing backers on Kickstarter and has been featured in the Bayonne, NJ newspaper that can be seen on Issue 2 is the continuation of Misery’s journey. The books are printed at standard American comic book size with Issue #1 at 32 pages and Issue #2 at 32 pages. 

Fans who love sci-fi, dark fantasy, and stories like Frankenstein will love the story of Miserably Altered. 

Around every corner, there is a challenge but with every fall, she must not give up. Continue the journey with her to freedom. Join her struggles and her fears as she battles to overcome the darkness in the world of Eldritch! 

Angelina is a writer/artist and founder of A.C.R.O.Comics. Her love for art and storytelling is what made her decide to start creating her own comics. She enjoys action and horror movies which play a great role in the genre of comics she now creates with characters that reflect her own humor and sarcasm. She is currently writing the series, “Miserably Altered,” and, “Cry Me A Blood Tear.” When she’s not working on her comics you can find her designing jewelry for her start-up business at and hugging her two super loud Yorkies! For this issue, Angelina worked on the creature designs, layouts, standard cover, and variant cover 1. 

Brahim is a character and creature designer who has done concept artwork for League of Legends. He helped with some linework on Issue #1 but now he is back on Issue #2 as the linework and color artist! He also worked on some character/creature designs for this issue. 

For updates on the Miserably Altered series, additional information is posted on Instagram @acrocomics and on Kickstarter at 

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