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INTERVIEW: Lawrence J King (Constant Hustle Comics)


INTERVIEW: Lawrence J King (Constant Hustle Comics)

Lawrence, thank you so much for agreeing to an interview! Tell everyone about who you are and your background?

No thank you for the opportunity. My name is Lawrence J King and I’m the CEO/Editor In Chief of the soon to be legendary indie comic book studio Constant Hustle Comics. Our motto is “We’ll make fans of you all, one amazing story at a time.”

How did you become a creator? What’s your origin story?

Well I have always been a writer/producer in indie films.  I have directed a few as well but my wild imagination always exceeded my monetary limits.  Then I read an article about indie comics and how there’s no limits to how far you can push your vision.  I was sold and in 200%. I just wanted to tell completely story engrossing and art obsessive tales.

Tell us about Eviction Bellum! Where did the idea for these stories come from?

Well the idea came from one of our creators Dwayne Welch. In the multi dimensional landscape of Constant Hustle Comics there are multiple heroes and villains at any given time. Eviction Bellum is the change to everyone’s dimensions. It’s the story of a supervillain wanting to graduate to a celestial and how he’s willing to destroy complete dimensions to make it happen. When this odyssey is over all our creators will have to change the way their heroes basically do what they do. We feel this is great for us. Keeps the writers on their toes. Also Eviction Bellum introduces our characters to a whole new audience that may not know them. We’re REALLY excited for this graphic novel.

How does this event change the Constant Hustle universe?

Without giving too much away….  Lol.  It changes the universes because heroes whom were maybe lost or hesitant of their place in destiny come out of this like battle hardened vets.  It changes it because now the lines in the sand are drawn and there’s no going back to what you knew before.  Sorry to be so vague.  Lol

Tell us more about the Constant Hustle Universe and it’s titles.

Our title cover everything from conventional super hero comics like CARNIVORE, THE LAST LINE, ZERO GRAVITY and AVERY THE ASTONISHING.  To Manga like GRIMM HERO and CELESTIAL or horror comics like THE SHAPE.  We try to be as diverse as our team is 

Tell us about this Kickstarter, what do people get when the back?

When people back the Eviction Bellum campaign we offer so many tiers. You can just get standard digital and physical copies. You can get wallpaper, digital posters and t shirts also. Then maybe you want to be used as a villain in our universes, we have a tier for that as well. We also have the top tier of having our award winning team design, write and distribute your 10 page comic book. A new digital tier from multiple creators will be added soon also. We have a bit of everything.

What advice would you give a creator running their first Kickstarter?

Engagement is key.  Engagement pre, during and post campaign.  Your audience wants to be involved in the process.  They wanna know where the money is going and what they get from it.  Be transparent and honest.  Also and most importantly, be at a minimum 95% done before you even start the campaign.

What about those who have an idea for a comic but haven’t acted on it yet? What’s one piece of actionable advice you would give them to get started?

 Get started.  Time waits for no one.  Don’t let time pass with amazing ideas you were to scared to execute.  Write your script.  Pursue an artist.  Know that NOTHING is free.  Be the change you want.

Lawrence, how can people find you and support this project?

  • www

Please reach out. We’d love to talk to you.

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