Konrad Ostawsen, an artist on the verge of depression, is drawn out of his stagnation by the news of an inheritance from his long-lost father. The discovery takes him into a different world presenting completely new challenges: secluded communitydistant island with hidden ancient secrets

This graphic novel is a contemporary attempt to approach the classic horror novel with a hint of adventure. It is a tribute to creators such as H. P. LovecraftW. H. Hodgson, and G. Lucas.

You might think: “Oh no! Another rip-off with Lovecraft’s name on it!” And I cannot blame you. Lovecraft’s name has become a popular marketing gimmick for selling all kinds of stuff. However, as I see it, you rarely find things that actually evoke the ambience of classic horror novels, and I don’t mean historical setting but more like the mood and a certain intimacy of the story.

Łukasz Godlewski