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ABLAZE Announces Exciting Lineup for March and April 2024 Releases


ABLAZE Announces Exciting Lineup for March and April 2024 Releases

ABLAZE Publishing is gearing up for an exciting couple of months in 2024, with a host of new releases and additions to its ongoing series. March sees the launch of “TORPEDO 1972,” a reimagining of the classic 1940s crime noir series by Enrique Sánchez Abulí and artist Eduardo Risso, known for the Eisner award-winning series, “100 Bullets.”

April will bring the English debut of Osamu Tezuka’s classic manga masterpiece, “TOMORROW THE BIRDS,” a science fiction tapestry set in a world where birds have become the dominant class. This marks the first time Tezuka’s work, originally published between 1971 and 1975, will be available in English.

Also coming in April is “ROMPEPISTA,” a graphic novel adaptation of Kiko Amat’s coming-of-age novel by Spanish creator Rosa Codina. This narrative explores the wild years of adolescence through the lens of punk culture in Barcelona.

In addition to these titles, ABLAZE is set to release the “ABLAZE ARTIST SPOTLIGHT COLLECTED SET – MARIA LLOVET” in March. This collection features Llovet’s works “EROS/PSYCHE” and “PORCELAIN,” showcasing her unique blend of romance, fraught storytelling, and eerie themes.

Young adult audiences can look forward to Kid Toussaint and Aveline Stokart’s “ELLE(S) Vol. 1-3 Box Set,” which tells the story of a teenage girl with multiple personalities.

March will also see new volumes of the popular webtoon manhwa series “GET SCHOOLED” and “TERROR MAN,” as well as the latest issues of ongoing comic book series “THE PRISM,” “ALMOST DEAD,” and “THE AGENT.”

This diverse array of titles continues to cement ABLAZE’s reputation for bringing varied and compelling stories to the comic book market, offering something for readers of all tastes and interests.

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