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Tales From The Dispatch Volume 3!

Comic Contest Submission Guidelines

Presented by SnowyWorks LLC & Indie Comix Dispatch and Sponsored by Lesser Known Comics!

Submission period:  November 10, 2021 to February 28, 2022

Volume 1 & 2 Released in March 2021

Do you want to get published? Indie Comix Dispatch and SnowyWorks are teaming up again, but this year we also have Lesser Known Comics as a sponsor!  Together, we are putting together a brand new anthology book and we are looking for up-and-coming creators to submit their short stories for inclusion into Tales of the Dispatch Volume 3. 

We will be accepting short sequential art stories, either black and white or full color!  We want stories between two to ten pages, nothing more, nothing less (no covers or publisher imprints please!) We are looking for unique stories that blow the minds of readers and are immersive, character-driven, and most of all, a well-crafted story! Any genre will be accepted!

After the submission period, the judging process begins via a special panel put together by Indie Comix Dispatch and SnowyWorks! Our panel of judges will sort through submissions and find the best of the best!

The contest begins on November 10, 2021!  Please read and carefully review the following submission guidelines.


  1. All work will remain creator-owned.
  2. Submissions may only be 2 to 10 pages in length.
  3. We only want submissions that have not been previously published.
  4. After the publication of Tales of the Dispatch, you’re welcome to republish or distribute your submission however you like (after all, it’s your creation!)
  5. The final selected creators will be required to sign and date a publishing agreement which contains everything outlined here.
  6. If selected your work will be published in digital format on the following platforms:
    1. GlobalComix
    2. Comichaus
    3. Google Play
    4. Amazon Kindle
    5. Drive Thru Comics
    6. SpinWhiz Comics


  1. Please use the following template for your pages: 
  2. Resolution of 300 DPI
  3. Please provide a print-ready PDF of the combined pages (upload on submission form)


There will be no compensation if selected for inclusion in the final anthology.  Free digital copies will be provided for all submitting creators.  Indie Comix Dispatch and SnowyWorks are not seeking to profit off this endeavor.  Any profits incurring from this book will be donated to The Comic Book Project

Please use the form below to submit a print-ready PDF of your story:

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