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REVIEW: Evil Cast


REVIEW: Evil Cast

Salt and pepper, Macaroni and Cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Wine and Cheese, Trick and Treat. Don’t you just love it when two of your favorite things go together? It brings me a sense of joy and fulfillment like no other.  The same feeling I get when someone mixes Horror and Comedy that leads to a little snippet of mystery. These are the type of feelings I get when I read the New Comedy-Horror Comic, Evil Cast!

Evil Cast is based on a friendship between Kyle and Noah that began as a podcast about the supernatural things both of them experience. Both have even caused some people to be exposed as frauds.  As you suspect that does come back to haunt them and turn their lives into a whirlwind. It all started on their day out called “Man Day.” A day for the men to do the things they enjoy as friends. While Noah and Kyle were out enjoying their day, Noah gets a call from Julia, his girlfriend, to tell them that their house is on fire.

The investigation of the arson leads to Ruby, a fake psychic, who is assumed to be the suspect of the arson.  Ruby was exposed as a fake psychic and was known as a fraud that was exposed by a podcast. Noah, Kyle, and Ruby met the actual arsonist, which was not Ruby. The group tries killing the arsonist and after that doesn’t work they rush into Ruby’s home who then leads them to safety through hidden tunnels.

Evil Cast is an awesome read! It brings us that funny humor and horror, with a little sarcasm. I love this book and cannot wait for number 4 to come out. The suspense building in the story makes you want more!

In this comic the art, story, dialogue, and editing are IMPECCABLE! These books are a must-have and the colors and art in the book fit perfectly, especially with getting the characters’ expression when they speak or show emotion.  

Evil Cast is an excellent read, and I would suggest that you get it in your collection before it hits the big screens.

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