Tomb of the White Horse by Ian Mondrick and Benjamin AE Filby is a 36-page full-color one-shot comic that is both a standalone story and the first of a four-part horror series.

This first issue is a  spectacular opening to the series! In a remote transportation hub, a mysterious box is received, which isn’t on the manifest. Snow falls, tensions rise, and this package’s presence pulls the crew closer to the abyss of insanity. The night crew has to decide what to do with this odd package, and then, people start dying. The power in the box warps minds and dreams people into darkness. As the delivery workers fight for survival throughout the night. Blood will be spilled, sacrifices made, and by dawn, humanity will be privy to what lies within THE TOMB



Mondrick writes a compelling opening chapter of the Tomb series. The issue feels like you’re watching an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents with all the suspense and building terror with every page. My only criticism is that I wanted more to the story! But I guess that will just make me get issue 2.



Filby’s illustrations are perfect. Each panel draws you further into the mystery and madness of The Tomb. Starting with small-press anthologies in 2016, Filby has developed a unique style that fits the Tomb’s bold storytelling.



Again, Mondrick’s script and dialogue are perfect! The dialogue builds the sense that something is lurking just on the next page, builds the suspense, and adds to the mystery.

Editing & Mechanics

1-star & 1-star

Not a lot to say here other than, again, the team behind Tomb again pull it off perfectly. 

It’s not often I give a first issue 5-stars, but Tomb of The White Horse earns every point it gets!

Get it – https://ianmondrick.com/product/tomb-of-the-white-horse/