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REVIEW: The Surgeon #6


REVIEW: The Surgeon #6

4.53/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie:  PG-13

Creative Team:

Writer: John Pence
Artist: Omar Zaldivar
Colors: Hedwin Zaldivar
Letters: John Pence
Cover: Omar Zaldivar and Hedwin Zaldivar
Editors: Laurie Foster and Sarah White
Publisher: Laguna Studios 


Story: 4.6 Stars
Artwork: 4.4 Stars
Cover Artwork: 4.4 Stars
Dialogue: 4.5 Stars
Mechanics: 4.7 Stars
Editing: 4.6 Stars 

About the Book:

After having her horse stolen by Little Bird, Jenny Hanover is stranded on foot in the middle of nowhere. When she finally reaches civilization she plants herself in the first watering hole she finds. A friendly stranger offers her a drink and a warning that she has a bounty on her head. Unfortunately for Hanover, it seems nobody ever does something without an ulter motive.

Reader’s Notes:

I first came across “The Surgeon” about two years ago. It was part of a promotion the publisher did where you could get a digital copy of the first issue for free. If you liked it you could order subsequent issues through their website. I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue and bought everything I needed to catch up.

Learning a new issue of “The Surgeon” is about to launch gave me a huge nerdgasm. Jenny Hanover is a character that we all know someone similar to. She’s very intelligent and has amazing abilities. The ability to keep her mouth shut when it’s appropriate is not in her skill set.

Jenny travels about the country like Kwai-Chang Caine in “Kung Fu”. Everywhere she goes she makes a difference. It isn’t necessarily a good difference. Her propensity to be impulsive and call things the way she sees them tends to leave a trail of angry people in her wake.

Years ago Dad told me, “Be careful about who’s foot you step on today. It could be connected to the ass you’re going to have to kiss tomorrow”. We see how that comes to fruition for Jenny in the sixth installment of “The Surgeon”. Jenny finds herself needing the help of those that she wronged to save her life. The fact that those people were willing to help her leaves her at a crossroads in her life. I’m very curious to see what direction she chooses to travel in.

I am very fond of this cover. The line work is vivid. The colors bring the artwork to life. With this homage to Batman #616 we get a hint of the tantalizing action that is waiting for us on the pages within.

The artwork on the interior pages continues to set a benchmark for what every comic book should be. We get outstanding detail, especially on facial expressions. Colors are vibrant. The panels with the wagon wheel are masterfully done.

As a geek on a budget I strongly urge you to read the latest installment of “The Surgeon”. This must read series has action, intensity, and a cast of incredible characters that makes you eager for more. 

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