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REVIEW: TerriTory


REVIEW: TerriTory

Book Title: TerriTory

Book Description: In a post-apocalyptic Earth, where the Old Gods have long been forgotten, Kaiju beasts called the New Gods have risen and taken their place. In TerriTory Chapter 1 we follow survivors Akila and Neebo who have a chance encounter with a New God, The Great One, a Kaiju sized bear deer hybrid. This experience affects the pair differently. Akila, a care-free, devotee to the New Gods, sees this as a blessing and a good omen for things to come, whereas sceptic and rationalist Neebo sees it for what it was- a near death experience. Through these two we explore this perilous land that they call home, and are introduced to their tribe, disciples to the New Gods.

Book Author: Blake McCarthy

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: BCC Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Chris Sassman

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Post-apocalyptic world. Giant Gods that roam the land. What’s not to love!

As a fan of fantasy and lore TerriTorry Chapter 1 was a really strong first issue. McCarthy and Sassman do everything right. They set up a really intriguing story right from the start and have created a pair of philosophically opposing protagonists they work really well as a romantic couple and as relatable vessels for the audience to explore and learn about this hazardous world.

Opening with the characters encountering The Great One, really set the tone for the whole issue in a big way. With the stakes so high you would think the middle would slow down but no, TerriTory goes from strength-to-strength further developing the world and our main two characters. In classic comic book form the issue ends on a cliffhanger, leaving you wanting more.

I knew TerriTory was a must read for me from the cover (Sassman) alone. The juxtaposition between the characters in tribal attire, with blood on their face and holding bows and arrows contrasted by the futuristic wasteland behind them is really poignant and immediately grabs you. The impactful art doesn’t stop there with Sussman pulling a double shift and also doing the interior art. There are some great panels throughout, a highlight being the epic double page spread towards the beginning (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it). Overall, very nice art.

The dialogue was distinct, with each character having a clear and definite voice that made it easy to recognise when the characters were off panel. A few lines were a bit expositional as they wandered around the land but nothing that takes you out of the story.

A bonus, there is a hefty amount of additional content at the end showing concept art, inked pages, scripts and some stunning variant covers.

This comic is an absorbing read, beginning to end and am looking forward to reading the next chapter in the epic story.

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