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REVIEW: Oz: Kingdom of the Lost #2


REVIEW: Oz: Kingdom of the Lost #2

3.88/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team:

Story: Dave Franchini and David Wohl
Writer: David Wohl
Artist: Guillermo Fajardo and Eduardo Garcia
Colors: Walter Pereyra
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Cover: Igor Vitorino and Ivan Nunes
Editor: David Wohl
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment 


Story: 3.8 Stars
Artwork: 3.9 Stars
Cover Artwork: 4.4 Stars
Dialogue: 3.7 Stars
Mechanics: 3.7 Stars
Editing: 3.8 Stars 

About the Book:

The second installment of “Oz: Kingdom of the Lost” begins several miles below the Emerald City. After dispatching a creature that had visions of crushing and making a meal of Dorothy and her companions, the Shaggy Man leads the group to his kingdom. Here he explains why he needed the Tin Man.

Reader’s Notes:

We hear people talk about how Taylor Swift is helping empower women. She truly does. She’s a shining example of how one can be talented, attractive, kind, and be savvy in the business world.

With all due respect to Ms. Swift. Zenescope has been doing this for years. They have a gallery of leading ladies that embody this spirit. They are capable of doing anything. They’re intelligent (if you discount some of the ideas Cindy takes and runs with). They are trying to do the right thing.

Dorothy shows us she’s the complete package in “Oz: Kingdom of the Lost”. She is quick on her feet, undyingly loyal, and able to keep a level head. She is all about justice and keeping things fair.

I enjoyed seeing the Patchwork Girl. I remember her having her own book when L. Frank Baum was writing the original works. I don’t recall much about her story though. I’m looking forward to broadening my horizons with her.

One of my favorite things about Zenescope’s titles is how amazing the artwork on their covers always seems to be. Vitorino’s work on this cover is no exception. The artwork is vivid. The lines are outstanding. Nunes’s colors complete the deal and allow this work to capture our imaginations.

The artwork on the interior pages is a sight to behold. We get a compelling action sequence with a creature from a nightmare. We get a touching moment with Dorothy and the Tin Man. Then we get an incredible transition to Patchwork Girl’s kingdom. While there we can almost feel the texture of the yarn.

As a geek on a budget I am all in on “Oz: Kingdom of the Lost”. This series is a must read for anyone who can’t get enough content from the magical land of Oz. It gives us a great continuation of a classic while allowing us the opportunity to learn more about characters that did not get any time in the limelight in the movies.

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