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REVIEW: Dungeons and Dimwits #2


REVIEW: Dungeons and Dimwits #2

3.95/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie:  PG-13

Creative Team:

Writer: James Mascia
Artist: Kodaris
Letters: James Mascy
Cover: Kodaris
Publisher: Dren Productions 


Story: 3.9 Stars
Artwork: 3.9 Stars
Cover Artwork: 4.0 Stars
Dialogue: 4.0 Stars
Mechanics: 4.0 Stars
Editing: 3.9 Stars 

About the Book:

After being whisked from playing a tabletop RPG to living in the world of the campaign, or collection of middle school friends is starting to adapt to life in this world. They were clever enough to get out of the pickle they were in with Morgana and the iron Minotaurs. Mind you, all of their HP suffered greatly for that. Now they have figured a way home. They must convince Belnan’s brother, King Bardrus to help them find the Wishstone. Hopefully Bardrus isn’t still bitter about Belnan’s relationship with the queen many years ago.

Reader’s Notes:

The sophomore issue of “Dungeons and Dimwits” picks up right where the first one left off. We continue to get a great deal of action and laughs as the kids make their way through their quest. The story is very easy to fall into and it flows perfectly.

I would have liked a page at the beginning that included a picture of each character and a small nugget of information on them. The characters are written in a memorable way. That being said, I would be hard pressed to correctly name all of them.

The artwork on this cover is very entertaining. Belnan’s infatuation with Olympia could spell disaster for the party. He’s a teenage boy that has been given the back story of how this beautiful woman was once romantically involved with him. I’m sure he’ll do the right thing with all of those raging hormones racing through his mind.

Kodaris’s artwork on the interior pages reminds me of Brett Bean’s work in the second volume of “I Hate Fairyland”. They are both a brilliant addition to an already entertaining series. The facial expressions and situations depicted are hilarious. I loved the panels with the HP check.

“Dungeons and Dimwits” is a title that feels like it is written by a gamer and for gamers. This is a fun filled adventure that takes it to the next level. As a gamer and a geek on a budget I would highly recommend rolling the die with this one!

You can get your copy of the second issue of “Dungeons and Dimwits” at:

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