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4.15/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie:  PG-13

Creative Team:

Writers: Chris Sahloff, Austin Ferguson, Brad Hayes, Obie Dancy, Ryan Kidd, Terreyl Wilkins
Artist: Chris Sahloff
Colors:  Chris Sahloff and Robert Nix
Letters:  Chris Sahloff
Cover: Robert Nix
Editors: Brad Hayes, Terreyl Wilkins, Natalie Sahloff, and Jason Pharo
Artistic Editors: Natalie Sahloff and Robert Nix
Publisher: Homebrewed Comics 


Story: 4.0 Stars
Artwork: 4.4 Stars
Cover Artwork: 4.5 Stars
Dialogue: 4.3 Stars
Mechanics: 4.0 Stars
Editing: 3.7 Stars 

About the Book:

C.R.I.T. is an acronym for Covert Reconnaissance Infiltration Team. It’s a team of vigilante crime fighters with powers.With the way things seem to go for the team, some of them have decided that the moniker is an acronym for Constantly Running Into Trouble. The team is based in New Orleans, where they run a coffee stand to help finance their adventures. 

CRIT has been working on a deal with a tech guru and businessman named Sebastian Shaw to create a partnership with local police. This has been met with mixed reactions by locals. The public backlash about a corporately funded squad that are not officially police officers is small potatoes compared to what’s in store for CRIT at the tech expo, though.

Reader’s Notes:

I have been familiar with C.R.I.T. for some time now, in name at least. Mr. Sahloff sent a digital copy of an earlier issue so I could learn more about this universe he and his friends had created. It was one of those projects I kept meaning to get to, and never did.

Digital comics are great for reading, if you have the proper interface. On a phone the magic is lost with constantly having to zoom in and out to read the text and then see the artwork in the panel. This played a large part in why I never got to that earlier issue. 

When Mr. Sahloff sent me a physical copy of C.R.I.T. #6 I was very eager to get into it. This book  leapfrogged the new issue of G.I. Joe (which I have been waiting months for) in my reading queue. After reading it, I must say I’m impressed.

The writing process for C.R.I.T. is very unique. The creative team has had an ongoing tabletop role playing game for years. The gaming sessions are recorded and whatever happens in the game makes it into the book. That’s right, somewhere out there a player said, “My character needs to be in this fight! I’ll have the animals run the coffee stand.” in a gaming session. I love it.

The gamer in me loves this concept. It makes events in the book much more interesting and believable. Your hero isn’t always going to join the fray and pull off flawless, amazing feats. They’re going to have moments where all they can do is throw a bag of coffee beans at the bad guy and hope for the best. 

I really appreciated how we got an introduction to the characters, as well as a brief synopsis of the story so far on the inside of the cover. It makes it so much easier for a new reader to dive right into the story. There may still be some questions; but the reader isn’t trying to understand an entire universe when they’re late to the party. 

I liked how well the onomatopoeia in this book pulls the reader into the story. It makes for a great adventure for the reader. The different fonts and colors for each of the members of the team is brilliant. It makes it much easier to distinguish who the speaker is if they’re not completely in a panel. The one issue I had with this technique was that the font and color combination used for Spectre was somewhat difficult. It doesn’t affect the story; but it does pull the reader out of rhythm.

I am very fond of this cover. The artwork is outstanding and it’s a fun way to tip a cap to gamers everywhere. It reminds me of gaming with miniatures and some of the elaborate setups that come with it. Moreover, anyone who has played a game with miniatures in a household that has a cat knows that at some point the feline will get on the table and stroll through the campaign.

In Hollywood we’ve seen a handful of individuals that double as singers and actors/actresses. There are few that do both well, though. It’s the same thing with comics. There are some writers that also do the artwork for their titles. With the artwork on the interior pages, Mr. Sahloff demonstrates that he can do both well. I especially appreciated the slight change in artistic styles for when a character was being viewed on a screen. 

C.R.I.T. is where comics and gaming come together as one. We get the excitement from the action of a comic coupled with the spirited conversations that occur at tabletop games across the land. As a geek on a budget I believe that this title is a must read for geeks across the land. 

I put my money where my mouth is. After reading the promo copy I received in the mail I ordered the trade paperback so I could get the first six issues of the story in one shot. That’s how impressed I was with this story. I think you will be, too.

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