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Top 10 Indie Superhero Teams


Top 10 Indie Superhero Teams

4. The Power Knights (KID Comics)

Pawns of a tyrannical king, Metal Star, Bluzara, Dragon Blaze, Camouflage, Princess Raxi and Warseed, were forced to use their special powers to wage war on hundreds of worlds in the outer universe. Through mysterious intervention, they are reawakened on Earth free of the king’s grip. Vowing to not interfere with the affairs of mankind, they retreat into a reclusive life to ponder their atrocious past. However, Warseed soon breaks the vow with visions of becoming a god on Earth. The ultimate master of mankind. Inspired by a boy named Kandle, the remaining five form The Power Knights in hopes of redemption and to defend mankind against imminent doom.

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