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Top 10 Indie Superhero Teams


Top 10 Indie Superhero Teams

9. The Elements (E4 Comics)

The elements are about four elemental stones that were said to have been created in the beginning of time, they’re a source of raw primal power. The stones have been under the protection of the space council known as the Ra-shere. The Chronos raged war against the Ra-shere in hopes to get their hands on the stones. In a desperate attempt to keep the stones from them, they were sent into space. A member of the Ra-shere sacrificed his body to attach his spirit to the stones. For years the stones stayed dormant in different planets until they suddenly began to become active which eventually led them to finding their way to earth. Four special boys came in to contact with these stones giving them the powers of fire, water, wind, and lightning. Now these boys have to protect earth and the universe from the evil group Chronos.

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