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LGTBQIA Comedic/Sci-Fi Action Comic Teases Next Installment with Pride Month Cover

LGBTQ Comics

LGTBQIA Comedic/Sci-Fi Action Comic Teases Next Installment with Pride Month Cover

The gay scene is rocked by a suspected terrorist bombing of a local gay bar. No-one claims responsibility but the ensuing mistrust pits friends against friends as dark forces wait in the wings to exploit the situation…

CRIME & D’SORDER is the follow-up comic to last years Kickstarter success FANNY GALACTIC : TUCK TO THE FUTURE. A comedic sci-fi adventure, in which we followed titular drag queen Fanny waking up 100 years in the future, after her wind machine explodes on stage. There she found the world changed utterly and ruled over by a deranged drag dictator!
Now we rewind, and explore how that world came to be.

VIOLET CRIME is an ex-punk rocker drag queen. She’s decided to give up drag and is caught up in the bar explosion while on a night out with friends. SYBIL D’SORDER is another drag queen in the town. She is convinced it was a hate crime and stirs up the pot to the dismay of Violet who isn’t so sure. After a public figure with a homophobic past is brutally murdered Violet begins to suspect Sybil’s involvement. Soon events begin to spiral out of control and things will never be the same again.

CRIME+D’SORDER is written by Chris Fildes and drawn by returning artistEdward Bentley (Darkboy and Adler, Vessels). Nikki Powers (Phantom Squad, Sucked in) joins the team on lettering duties. It will be launched later this Summer (date to be announced) again on Kickstarter. The first book was a fast-paced romp with undercurrents of how our characters were still grappling with the effects of the 1980/90’s AIDS crisis and the friends they lost. This new story continues that thread but is still a great fun read.

Writer Chris Fildes says of the project:

“There’s a lot of work written about the HIV/AIDS crisis in popular fiction. I wanted to explore some of the same themes in a very different way, looking at how it still affects those left behind now. For someone like Fanny she threw herself into her work doing drag but her fellow drag queen Sybil became bitter towards straight people and indeed Fanny who she saw as uncaring and cold. I packaged it up in a zany over-the-top sci-fi time travel comedy as I didn’t want to write something so serious.

“I wanted the story to be really funny but for it to be there bubbling under the surface, ready to hit you at the end. Dealing with what people of earlier generations had to put up with growing up a driving force for the characters in this world. Not just HIV/AIDS, but the deep rooted homophobia. It wasn’t just from random strangers  – it also came from friends, family and in particular the state. It was everywhere, it was overwhelming and many people are still feeling the effects today. There’s a lot of stuff written about fighting for rights but I wanted to look at the effects of having to grow up fighting bigotry have on people afterwards. Importantly though I want to do it with great stories, interesting characters and tons of humour at the forefront.”

What People are saying about TUCK TO THE FUTURE:

“It’s really funny! I really can’t recommend this enough!”

“A sci-fi phantasmagoria that’s out, proud and laugh-out-loud.”

“Amazing Storytelling!”

“A lot of fun!”

“…Takes a sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and entirely engaging time travel adventure and turns it on it’s head.”

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