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As I was reading the final installment of Stray Dogs (one of my five picks for best book of 2021 so far) I came across an announcement in the back of the issue: We are getting more content for Stray Dogs!

Stray Dogs: Dog Days will be coming out sometime in the last quarter of 2021. When I heard the news I reached out to Tony Fleecs, the author and Trish Forstner, the artist to get more information.

According to Mr. Fleecs this book will be an anthology that will tell us more about the other dogs in “Master’s” house.

As Mr. Fleecs explained it, “We wanted to give a little more shine to some of the dogs who we couldn’t slow down to spend time with in the main story.”

Trish Forstner is looking forward to this project as well. She’ll be making her comic book writing debut, telling us the story of Roxanne, with whom she feels a slight bias towards because of her own malamute, Eve.

She told me, “The same team is at play for writing, layouts are and colors.” What that means for Stray Dogs fans everywhere is the band is staying together for an encore! I’m sure it’ll be a hit!