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42% to Funding goal in less than 3 hours – Green Tempest #1 Kickstarter Launch!


42% to Funding goal in less than 3 hours – Green Tempest #1 Kickstarter Launch!

Zephyrhills, FL  6/20/2021 – Green Tempest Comics is honored to announced that our new crowdfunding campaign for Green Tempest #1 , a great all-ages comic book, has surpassed 42% of its stated goal of $3,000 in less than 3 hours after launch!

Created by writer Brett Scheuerman, drawn by Javier Lugo, Colored by Bryan Arfel Magnaye and lettering/design by Carlos Mangual, the GREEN TEMPEST Kickstarter campaign was designed by  Sarrah Vesselov and launched at 10PM on Saturday, June19,2021. 

The GREEN TEMPEST #1 LAUNCH PARTY took place at YOUR TURN- A Board Game Café on 5th Ave, Zephyrhills, FL on Saturday, June 19, 2021.  YOUR TURN board game cafe is a gathering place, an inviting spot for people to explore the world of board gaming. With over 1,500 different games, casual gamers looking for a quick game to game enthusiasts seeking an epic board gaming session will find that YOUR TURN has something for everyone!

Green Tempest takes place on a small planet far, far away from Earth.  On planet Tempet, everyone knows each other, and there is peace among all people. Except for Halestorm! Halestorm can create boulder-sized hail and acid rain, and his powers are fueled by his anger. Green Tempest tries to show Halestorm the error of his ways and bring him back to a life of meditation and peace. Can he bring Halestorm to the path of living in peace and harmony with those around him? Or will Green Tempest be forced to fight Halestorm, his very own brother? 

In addition to the main 21 page story, GREEN TEMPEST #1 also includes a bonus 4 page short story written and drawn by the creative team behind RETURN TO SENDER #1 and NAKED CANNIBAL CAMPERS #1:  Writer & Layout artist Vincent Atkins along with penciler & inker David Summey.  This talented pair has created 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns together, back to back, in the past year and GREEN TEMPEST is proud to have them contribute their talents to further fleshing out the scope of the world in which GREEN TEMPEST #1 takes place!

GREEN TEMPEST #1 Kickstarter campaign is live right now and ends July 19, 2021. For more details, pledge levels and rewards, visit the Kickstarter campaign at:

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Green Tempest FB Group:

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