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4 Comic Distributors That Work With Indie Creators


4 Comic Distributors That Work With Indie Creators

Selling at conventions and launching Kickstarter campaigns are sure-fire ways to not only make money but also get your comic in the hands of fans. Yet, the goal for many indie creators is to get their books on the shelves of local comic shops! While it may seem daunting to get a distribution deal, ICD has featured multiple creators who have signed distribution deals and seen their books sent to comic shops across the country and world! Below are 4 distributors who work with indie creators! Check them out and visit their websites to learn more!

BIC Distro

BIC Distro, a partnership formed by 133art, MVmedia, LLC, and Hiro! Unlimited, offers comic book and graphic novel distribution. BIC specializes in content produced by independent POC creators. BIC Distro brings over five decades of experience forging close relationships with independent creators to the comic book and graphic novel industry. BIC utilizes state-of-the-art distribution and printing services to provide new opportunities for POC independent creators and retail outlets.

BIC Distro is as indie as it gets! Indie creators coming together to better the indie community! The team at BIC Distro has successfully launched a distribution platform that puts POC creators in comic shops across the country!

Emerald Comic Distro

Emerald Comics Distro is an independent comics distributor based in Seattle, WA. Emerald Comics Distro helps independent comics creators, creative teams, and small presses sell comics.

Since the beginning, Emerald has been providing Pacific Northwest consignment and sales management, repping and selling comics to shops. Creators provide us with books; we sell and consign them, hold the sales money in trust for the creators, and then pass sales money back on a monthly basis.

Golden Distribution

Golden Distribution is one of the largest wholesale distributors of Hobby Gaming Products such as: Miniatures, Table-Top War Games, Boardgames, Card Games, Roleplaying Games, Dice, Accessories & Now Comic Books!

Recently, as reported by ICD, Golden began working with indie comic creators to distribute small press comics to comic and game stores worldwide.

Diamond Comic Distribution

Founded in 1982, Diamond Comic Distributors resides at the Nexus of Comics and Pop-Culture with a multi-channel platform of publishing, marketing, and fulfillment services, coupled with an unparalleled global distribution network for its retailers, publishers, and vendors.

Diamond is the world’s largest distributor of English-language comics, graphic novels, and pop-culture-related merchandise. ICD has featured numerous indie creators who have successfully signed distribution deals with Diamond.

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