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Tights Issue 1  launched via a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 22. This is the first of eight issues that are planned by the author to comprise a first volume for this story. Set in present day San Francisco It is a thoroughly entertaining, darkly comedic  tale that contains  plenty of references  to popular culture as well as life’s day to day problems so that it draws the reader in very effectively.

The  action opens with a narrator detailing the chain of recent catastrophic events that we are all too familiar with (ok maybe it turns the dial up a bit for comedic effect). Global pandemics times two with everything that goes with that and then economic downturn adding to the world’s woes so that the present day reality for the narrator is a kind of low energy, down at heel world  where the forces of order are starting to break down and a crimewave is threatening to overwhelm the law and justice systems.  But have no fear, In the face of this regular citizens are stepping up to the plate as DIY superheroes/ crime fighters. The problem is this isn’t an 80’s/ 90’s action hero movie and lacking superpowers or even fighting abilities they are rather hopeless at it. Consequently their efforts  pile more mayhem and disorder on top of that already being suffered by the population. These stalwart but cack handed  individuals  are the titular ‘Tights’ and we learn that the narrator is Judge Oliver Andrews whose court time is fully occupied dealing with the unintended but catastrophic consequences of their activities.

The story develops by showing us the judges day to day as he wades through pressures at work (made significantly worse by the Tights crowd) and trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance  (ok enough HR speak) with his significant other and their relationship stuff, trying to keep in shape etc.   However after witnessing some true crime tackling  heroics performed  by his personal trainer  he celebrates a little too much and ends up the worse for wear down a dark alley where he is confronted  by a crime lord he sent down in the past. The crime lord is about to take his revenge on the helpless judge when who turns up to save him? You got it ‘Tights.’ But these aren’t the washed up hopeless remnants and wannabes who clog up his courtroom- fortunately for him. These are a different kind of ‘Tights’ and we are left in the certain knowledge that from here on for the judge ‘Tights’ will take on a whole new meaning in his life.

Book Author:  Chris Waigand
Publisher: Cerebral Creative
Illustrators/Letterers: Edison Neo, Santi Guillen, Reed Hinckley-Barnes

Story                                 4.5
Interior Art                        4.3
Cover Art                          4.3
Dialogue                           4.5
Mechanics                        4.2
Editing                              4.2


Tights is a thoroughly entertaining read. It blends its dark comedy with pop culture references and a gnarly nod to life’s grind so that it hits just the right note.

The opening grabs the reader right away. The narrative underlines the ridiculousness of the situation the world is in and the narrator’s use of sardonic humour to portray this is a compelling hook so that when we do  meet the narrator-  the judge,  and his day to day  life unfolds  in front of us I was already really engaged and enjoying the read.

There are enough conflicts in the story to grab the attention, the crazy world threatening to overwhelm  society, the work pressures, the relationship pressures but not so many that I lost focus instead they all  added to the comedic fulness of the story .

Issue one very clearly set out the conflicts that the judge will face both regards storyline and the underpinning emotional conflicts. The plot is believable within the context of the world that the story builds. The supporting characters are clearly defined and well introduced, and the sub-plots will definitely add spice to the story as future issues emerge.

The pacing is lively and in tune with the humour and the dialogue was equally good and moves the action along very well.

The artwork, both cover and internal is very well executed. There’s a mix of distance and close up shots and the action panels are effectively drawn so that the art and the lettering  blends perfectly with the story line.

I really enjoyed Tights it is a great blend of humour, crime fighting, action and superheroes  set in an  exaggerated but worryingly believable crazy world. I can’t wait to see how the plot unfolds for the judge (and supporting cast of characters) in future issues.

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