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REVIEW: Doctor Who: Doom’s Day #1


REVIEW: Doctor Who: Doom’s Day #1

3.73/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG

Creative Team:

Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Roberta Ingranata
Colors: Warnia K. Sahadewa
Letters: Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt
Group Editor: Jake Devine
Art Director: Oz Browne
Publisher: Titan Comics 


Story: 3.7 Stars
Artwork: 3.8 Stars
Cover Artwork: 3.8 Stars
Dialogue: 3.6 Stars
Mechanics: 3.7 Stars
Editing: 3.8 Stars 

About the Book:

Doom is an assassin from the 51st Century. She is extremely good at her job. She knows how to acclimate herself in any situation and come off looking like she belongs. She has a to-do list that takes her all over various timelines. One name on this list is a certain Doctor. It’s up to Missy to keep this from happening.

Reader’s Notes:

There are many great recurring villains in Doctor Who. The Daleks, with their urge to rid the galaxy of anything that isn’t Dalek, are a favorite of many. Others prefer the Cybermen, who want to either assimilate or delete any race they encounter. Then there is Missy.

Missy is to the Doctor what Loki is to Thor. She’s incredibly intelligent. She likes playing games. Most importantly, she is so mischievous. One can never tell if she’s doing something with a motive beyond how it will amuse her.

That’s what makes it so entertaining to see Missy help the Doctor. It raises so many questions. Is she turning over a new leaf? Is this a minor move in her mental chess game with the Doctor? Or is she just bored and trying something new? Time will tell.

As time goes on I find myself becoming a bigger fan of Jody Houser’s work. It doesn’t matter which franchise she’s writing for. She does a phenomenal job of giving people new content while still sprinkling in the minutiae that made us love the franchise in the first place. Be it a small piece of dialogue establishing that a character has not changed or a reference to a fan favorite moment, Jody Houser checks all of the boxes.

I appreciated that we got a small bio on the main players for this issue. It’s so important to people that are either new to a franchise or have not had the opportunity to catch up to have a frame of reference. If you haven’t been around since Franky the Fish something like this is very helpful.

I enjoyed the artwork on the interior pages. We get plenty of detail to go with some great facial expressions. I was especially fond of Missy’s condescending looks when interacting with those she felt were beneath her.

As a geek on a budget I would recommend Doctor Who: Doom’s Day to fans of the franchise. There are fun inside jokes for the Whovians. The artwork is solid. And best of all, it has an intriguing plot that promises to be spectacular.

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