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Review: Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs #4


Review: Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs #4

3.63/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team:

Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Steve Pugh
Colors:  Chris Chuckry
Letters: Rob Steen
Cover: Steve Pugh
Publisher: Ahoy Comics 


Story: 3.8 Stars
Artwork: 3.7 Stars
Cover Artwork: 3.4 Stars
Dialogue: 3.6 Stars
Mechanics: 3.7 Stars
Editing: 3.6 Stars 

About the Book:

The events on Billionaire Island left the world on very shaky financial footing. People everywhere are losing their homes to foreclosures. Investigative reporter Shelly Bly is finding out how people are surviving. In the meantime the hopes of billionaires across the land lay in the hopes of locating Business Dog. They’re so adamant about finding the dog that substantial rewards are being offered for its return.

Reader’s Notes:

With the fourth installment of Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs Russell and Pugh continue their unabated assault on the uber wealthy. We see how shamelessly the rich are willing to do whatever is necessary to restore the balance of power so it tilts in their favor.

Moreover, we get a great example of how the world has become with regards to fact finding. All classes have taken to believing that anything seen on social media or heard via word of mouth is to be taken as truth. This is what leads to the dumbing down of a nation and versions of history being changed or worse, forgotten.

I like how unique this cover is, especially when compared with some of its contemporaries. We don’t get an action shot. It’s not a voluptuous vixen wearing clothing so tight that if she sneezes the fabric will give out and reveal her naughty bits. This cover focuses on how relevant Business Dog is to the story by making the dog the sole image. I’m all for the uniqueness of it.

The artwork on the interior pages continues to be rock solid. Mr. Pugh does a great job with the facial expressions while not forgetting detail on the rest of the panels. I got a kick out of seeing the Natural Selection restaurant again.

Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs continues to be one of my favorite titles. The fourth installment has done nothing to diminish my feelings about it. It is an outstanding piece on the state of affairs in America. I hope that people can stop laughing enough to realize that Billionaire Island, like Idiocracy before it, i s intended to be fictional. We already have enough people in the world that grade  how good someone is by their net worth. We don’t need a nation to fall into that trap.

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