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REVIEW: Astronaut Down #5


REVIEW: Astronaut Down #5

4.12/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team:

Writer: James Patrick 
Artist: Rubine 
Colors: Valentina Briski
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual 
Cover: Rubine
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: AfterShock Comics 


Story: 4.2 Stars
Artwork: 4.0 Stars
Cover Artwork: 4.2 Stars
Dialogue: 4.2 Stars
Mechanics: 4.1 Stars
Editing: 4.0 Stars 

About the Book:

A quantum mutation is about to destroy humanity. Astronaut Douglas Spitzer has traveled to a parallel universe to find a cure. While in this universe Douglas has found his wife that passed away in his home world as well as the cure.

Transmission of the cure will kill Douglas; but it will save everyone in his home world. The other option is to forget about his home world and have a second chance at happiness with his wife on this one. Is it better to die a hero or live with the regret of not doing anything?

Reviewer’s Notes:

When I covered the first issue of Astronaut Down I saw the potential for greatness. It had my holy trinity of comics (plot, setting, and relatable characters) in spades. With the passing of each issue we got bigger morsels of drama as the stakes were raised.

We also developed a relationship with Douglas Spitzer. He transitioned from being a character in a story to becoming a friend. Mind you, between that first issue and the story’s conclusion there were occasions where there was a compelling urge to smack him upside the head. We all have friends that have given us the same urge periodically.

The first piece of artwork I saw for Astronaut Down was a promotional photo of the cover for the first issue. It was a sight to behold. I didn’t expect the team of Rubine and Briski to maintain such high levels throughout the entire series, yet here we are.

From start to finish lines are magnificent. We get vivid detail while avoiding gratuitous gore. The coloring gives the work depth while giving the reader empathy for the characters.

As a geek on a budget I can’t say enough about Astronaut Down. Between the phenomenal story and terrific artwork it was an easy choice as a selection for one of the three best titles in 2022. 

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