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5 Indie Creators You Should Be Following (But Probably Aren’t)

Black Comics

5 Indie Creators You Should Be Following (But Probably Aren’t)

Bearded Man Comics (Adventures of System Admin)

Adventures of a System Admin follows the adventures of a college dropout that gets hired as a System Administrator to prevent hackers from infiltrating or extracting sensitive information from the company. Even though JJ dropped-out of college, he is very into learning and teaching others as well. 

JJ has become the go-to guy at the Information Technology department. He has make some good friends and they always look to him for advice. In the comic, we can also appreciate real-life tools that anybody can use in their everyday. Tools such as Haveibeenpwned which is a website that allows you to check if your email address has been in a recent security breach, TOR which is a browser that uses the Onion Network that allows the user to be surfing the web anonymous and VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network, encrypts the user’s communication preventing your ISP or WiFi provider from seeing your data, this is to mention just a few.   

The main purpose of the comic is somehow to show the readers some technology tools and ways to protect themselves in this new cyber era while telling the story of JJ the System Admin.

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