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5 Indie Creators You Should Be Following (But Probably Aren’t)

Black Comics

5 Indie Creators You Should Be Following (But Probably Aren’t)

Corey Lakel Pruitt (Leaders of the Free World)

They came out of the sky, seven beings with incredible powers referring to themselves as “The Godsend”. They came to our planet to help evolve us into something greater, something more.  Using their advanced technology, the Godsend bestowed upon us great powers and abilities. But with that same power came greed, corruption, and destruction.  Using our new abilities, the human race went to war over who should rule the Earth, and billions were killed. The Godsend intervened but were too late, the damage had been done.  Teaming up with the United Nations, the Godsend are now enforcers of the Archetype Papers, a law that prohibits super-powered beings(named Archetypes) from operating outside of their respective countries. And then the world went back to normal, but at what cost? And what happens when the whole world is in danger and it takes a team from all over the world to save it?

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Brett has been collecting comics for close to 30 years and is passionate about showcasing the amazing stories in Indie Comics and growing the indie community. A marketing and communications professional with a Masters of Nonprofit Management, he founded The Indie Comix Dispatch in 2020. Brett is also a member of the National Writers Union.

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