At the Indie Comix DIspatch we have the pleasure of coming many creators that are just really kicking ass in the world of indie comics! Sometimes its shocking that more people aren’t following them to hear about their latest projects, announcements, etc. Here’s a list of five of those creators that we feel you should know more about and definitely follow!

KAH Studios

, 5 Indie Creators You Should Be Following (But Probably Aren’t), The Indie Comix Dispatch

KAH Studios is a creative production family driven by GOD, PASSION, and CREATIVE MINDS for change. KAH Studios was founded on the idea to transform imaginations to life in the form of Comics, Animations, Movies, and Games with leading industrial techniques; Showcasing some of the best stories told about Africa.

With a dedicated creative team, we create international standard content and help businesses with Stunning audiovisual to help promote their brands. We currently have some of our comics on international platforms like Amazon and Comixology.

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