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Quentin Rushing

I grew up loving all things geek. I started reading and collecting comics when I was 8. My personal collection has roughly 8,000 books in it. When I’m not doing something geek-related I love spending time with my amazing wife and kids, gaming, and working on cross stitch projects.

Stories By Quentin Rushing

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    REVIEW: I Make Boys Cry #1

    By December 23, 2020

    Creator/Designer: Jamie TyndallCoc-Creator/Writer: Benny R. PowellPencils and Inks: Ronilson FreireColors: Fahriza KamaputraLetters: Benny R. PowellCover: Jamie...

  • Reviews

    REVIEW: Escape of the Relentless

    By November 25, 2020

    Writer/Creator: Brian DorseyArtist: Flavio Nano GironColors: Omi Remalante Jr.Letters: Ernesto LoveraCover: Darryl PatrucciPublisher: Mountain West Productions ...

  • Reviews

    REVIEW: The Recount #1

    By November 23, 2020

    Writer: Jonathan HedrickArtist: Gabo Elías Ibarra NúñezColors: Sunil GhagreLetters: Cristian DocolomanskyCover: Bryan SilverBax and Gabriel Ibarra...

  • Reviews

    REVIEW: Blake Undying 1

    By November 20, 2020

    Writer and Creator: Jason CookArtist: Ezequiel RubioAdditional Colors: Jovanna PlataLetters: Nikki ShermanCover: Ezequiel RubioPublisher: Digital Fiasco...

  • Reviews

    REVIEW: Miskatonic #1

    By November 17, 2020

    Writer: Mark SableArtist: Giorgio PontrelliColors: Pippa BowlandLetters: Thomas MauerCover: Jeremy Haun and Nick FilardiEditor: Christina HarringtonPublisher:...

  • Reviews

    REVIEW: The Offspring

    By November 6, 2020

    Creator: David Whalen Writer: David Whalen Pencils: David Whalen Inks: David Whalen Colors: Jason Sylvestre Letters:...

  • Reviews


    By October 26, 2020

    Write/Artist/Colors: Theodore RiddleEditor: Richard VasseurPublisher: Monolith Comics It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally I get the...

  • Reviews

    REVIEW: Resistance #6

    By October 21, 2020

    Writer: J. MIchael Straczynski Artist: Mike Deodato Colors: Lee Loughridge Letters: Sal Cipriano Cover: Rahzzah  Publisher:...

  • Reviews

    REVIEW: Cracking Up

    By October 18, 2020

    Publisher: Paranoid American In the United States, there was a program called D.A.R.E. from 1983-2009. D.A.R.E...

  • Reviews

    REVIEW: The Resistance #5

    By October 15, 2020

    Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Artist: Mike Deodato Colors: Lee Loughridge Letters: Sal Cipriano Cover: Rahzzah  Publisher:...

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