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Jon Velez

My name is Jon Velez the owner/manager of Encased Comics. I started Encased Comics with the sole purpose of selling graded comics, but the focus has shifted as I wanted to do more for indie and small press comic creators. I am originally from New Jersey but have now made San Diego, CA my home. I am married and have two rescue dogs named Buddy and Phillip. When I am not doing things for Encased Comics, I am working on my doctorate degree in Higher Education and work for a medical school. I am hoping for the day to open a small brink and mortar to showcase creators' work and connect collectors to their graded comics. I enjoy photography, poetry writing, short story writing, and computer report. My favorite heroes are Batman and The Flash, but as I read more non-mainstream comics I am sure to add more favorites to the list. My favorite villains are The Joker and Reverse-Flash, which I would love the chance to write a screenplay focusing on Reverse-Flash origins as not all villains start out as one.

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