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We believe in a bigger, better, and more diverse indie comic community.

As a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the mission and purpose of Indie Comix Dispatch are to work with independent comic creators, with a focus on black, indigenous, and people of color, to cultivate a larger, more diverse indie comic community through producing and distributing in-depth reporting, programming, analysis, and commentary that gives readers and viewers a broad view on issues of importance to the indie comic industry and meets the highest standards of public service in journalism. We believe a well-informed, connected, and diverse community is essential to making the indie comic industry more equitable for all.

Our Story

The Indie Comix Dispatch was established in May 2020 with our first Indie Comic Minute and creator interviews. Though it would take time to develop the ICD name and brand, the ICD mission has always remained the same: spotlight small press comic creators with a focus on stories that highlight the experiences of diverse and underrepresented groups. In our first year, we expanded to 16 team members, 4 shows, a podcast, a sister show,  a full newsroom, published a book, produced 2 comics, reviewed over 125 comics, and hosted over 100 guests and interviews. Then, in our second year, we officially became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit thanks to the support of the indie comic community. We are building a bigger, better indie comic community where everyone is welcome.

Our Board of Trustees

Brett Hillesheim (Chair)

Brian J. Lambery (Secretary)

Lina St Juste

Jiba Molei Anderson

Quentin Rushing

Lovely Thornton

Laurie Foster

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